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Udara Weerasinghege
Udara Weerasinghege

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Deciding between two job offers

Recently, I had the privilege of receiving two job offers. This was the first time I've had competing offers in my career. They were both for Full Stack Developer roles at respectable companies. I'm a pretty decisive person, but this was an agonizing decision. There could be no perfect decision here due to a lack of information. The only way to know for sure which company was right for me, would be to work at each company for several months. Since that was off the table I took a different approach. Spreadsheets!

I compared the two companies across categories that mattered to me in a job. To each category, I assigned an importance factor based on my personal values. In the end, I had a weighted score for each company that I could use to inform my decision.

This is the spreadsheet I used (LIVE LINK HERE):
Alt Text

It was still a close call. But, thanks to the spreadsheet I came to a decision based on an apples to apples comparison rather than what felt like a coin flip in the beginning.

The importance for each attribute will be different based on your personal values, but I hope this provides a good starting point for when you need to compare offers.

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