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The Best (Free and Premium) UI kits for Tailwind CSS Today

Tailwind CSS has emerged as a great front-end solution in recent times. It has gained a tremendous following due to its utility-first nature and vast CSS classes as it allows devs to build designs right in their HTML markup. There are several UI kit solutions for the framework that enables devs to Fastrack their workflow with expertly designed components and templates. In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the best ready-made Tailwind UI kits out there that allow you to kickstart your project on a high note.

Tailwind UI

Tailwind UI is the brainchild of the creators of Tailwind CSS and their work stands unparalleled among other UI kits. They have over 400 “beautifully crafted” (as they like to put it) UI components that you can drop right away in your projects. The components can be integrated with JavaScript for interactivity as well as React and Vue. They have three categories of Application UI, Marketing, and Ecommerce components at different prices.

What makes it good?

The kit is developed by the creators of Tailwind CSS and they roll out weekly updates. Their community is very active on all major social and developer platforms. The components are pretty great and they have all the necessary categories of UI components for websites, stores, and apps that you can use in unlimited projects.


As of the most widely known UI kit for Tailwind CSS, their pricing matches the same reputation. All three kits are priced at $149 for lifetime use. Their all-in-one kit is $279 (on a discount atm). They also provide a team license for your team of developers at $799.You can preview their components and find more about them here.


Tailwind UI kit has the biggest library of expertly designed components and templates (1000 components and 30 templates) that you can’t find anywhere else. They also have fully responsive, drop-in-ready components that can be integrated with React, Vue, and Angular. They also have three categories of Web Application UI kit, Marketing UI kit, and Ecommerce UI kit. With premium licenses, they also have a community license that gives you free access to 117 of their prime components. They have also recently partnered up with blox which is a VS Code extension that has pre-made UI components.

What makes it good?

Access to 117 free components is a win-win for devs who want to give it a shot before paying for it. They also roll out new components and updates every week. The variety of components is ample for a variety of web dev needs. You can build functional web apps, stores, and websites with great ease. They also have around 30 templates with Angular, Vue, and React integrations that they sell separately. Their access for a lifetime is a major plus as you don’t have to worry about paying after the one-time fee.


TUK offers 117 free components. Their Ecommerce kit (200 components) is quite a bargain for $49. The Web application kit is $149 (around 500 components) and their Marketing kit (200 components) is priced at $79. You can preview their components and find more about them here.

Meraki UI

Meraki UI is a free Tailwind CSS components library with 58 stylish and fully responsive components. The kit supports RTL languages & is based on Flexbox & CSS Grid. They offer components including popups, cards, buttons, dropdown, forms, navbar, pagination, and much more. The kit is MIT licensed and they have a Github repo where you can see the end results of different projects for yourself.

What makes it good?

They say that there are no free lunches in this world but Meraki UI provides free access to their components. You can just copy-paste the HTML from their website and start building on your projects. They also have amazing resources built using Meraki UI components completely free. Check out their free components and resources here


DaisyUI is another amazing yet free component library that has expertly designed components for your projects. Their components are customizable and they also provide you free help with themes, colors, layouts, and typography. If you want a quick and simple solution for a project right now, DaisyUI is your go-to.
What makes it good?
They provide free solutions for not only components but also themes, layouts, and typography. Their component classes are clean and require no dependencies so you just copy-paste and you’re good to go. Check it out here:


Tail-kit is another free Tailwind CSS component and templates library that gives you access to over 250 components and templates. The kit is built for Tailwind CSS 2.0 which was a major upgrade in the framework. You install the library and get access to all its components and templates in a jiffy.
What makes it good?
All the components & templates have React, VueJs, and Angular integrations. Some of the components do need to override basic Tailwind configuration before you can use them in your projects but all the necessary configurations are available on their website.


Kitwind describes itself as a marketplace for fully responsive and multipurpose Tailwind CSS UI kits. Although they announced themselves last year as a premium product, their first kit, Kometa, which includes 130 sections of UI components, is available free on their website. Kometa is built on Tailwind CSS 1.4.4 (a slightly older version of the framework). The kit also includes a custom color palette and font family with a couple of spacings & variants.

What makes it good?

The UI kit does not rely on third-party plugins. They have built their color palette on Material design color palette. Their motto revolves around the concept of more time building & less time coding. The components are diverse and can be used in various projects for personal and commercial use.

Razor UI

Razor UI is the latest addition to this list and they have stirred up quite some noise in the Tailwind CSS community. Their 100+ components are modern-looking and consistently styled. They also have a UI kit for Laravel Blade called Blade Application UI kit. Razor UI does need some Node.js packages for configurations that are available in the documentation on their website.

What makes it good?

Razor UI’s components are styled consistently which makes your web designs have a similar feel to it. To sum it up, if you’re looking for something simple and beautiful, Razor UI is the way to go.


The Application UI package is priced at $79 for lifetime access and unlimited projects.

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