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How to Set Up Vim Key Bindings in Atom

I have been using Vim editor since I was a university student. However I start to think that Atom editor which has various plugins is more convenient in many cases.

To migrate from Vim to Atom smoothly, I've researched how to configure Vim key bindings in Atom.

Install Plugins

vim-mode-plus and ex-mode are recommended.

Note: vim-mode and vim-mode-plus-ex-mode are deprecated.

Turn off IME when exit the insert mode with Esc

We need to use several 3rd party applications to change the key bindings because Atom plugins can not turn off IME.

  • Karabiner (for MacOS) or AutoHotKey (for Windows) seem to be popular. (However, these applications cannot reset IME when we enter the insert mode again.)

Configure key bindings for plugins

  • You need to define key bindings in keymap.cson as vim-mode-plus doesn't have a feature to load vimrc files.
  • If you need to issue multiple commands in a key binding, you need to register a custom command in

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