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31 Days of March Media Madness

Hi, I’m Prosper Otemuyiwa popularly known as @unicodeveloper. I’m a web optimization addict and a sucker for wholesome hacking tricks.

Late last year, I created an album that won the hearts and minds of readers, technical gurus, media aficionados, software developers, and instagram-filter artists across the world. It had 25 hit songs. As a genius recognized solely by my Mum and Dad, I created these hits, day after day, consecutively.

You didn’t have a chance to listen to it? Here you go:

25 Days Of Media Magic - The Ambitious Sprint

Sequel to this is what I’m currently working on, known as a collabo, and titled: 31 days of March Media Madness.

It’s a mad challenge with a simple principle that questions, stretches & improves your knowledge of media asset manipulation & transformation.

It goes thus:

  1. Everyday this month (March currently), I’ll post an image on Twitter that I applied one or more transformation parameters to. I’ll also provide one or more URLs with the base image that I started from. It’s also for you to kickstart the process that got me to the derived image.

  2. You take a stab at modifying the URL by guessing the transformations I used to arrive at the final image I posted.

  3. Once you have guessed your URL after trying it yourself, you can go ahead and submit your guess here — for a chance to win a daily prize #MarchMediaMadness

Day 1 Challenge:

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Day 2 Challenge:

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Day 3 Challenge:

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Day 4 Challenge:

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Day 5 Challenge:

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Tell your family, and friends. Asides improving your muscle memory of tons of media tricks to use in your startup products, side projects, hackathon & gigs, you’ll also get a prize if you win any of the challenges.

Let's do this!

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