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7 Majestic Days of Code Search

Early last week, I started a Twitter thread storm with the hashtag #7DaysOfSearch.

For seven days, I showed the beaming developer community how to search for code via the premier code search engine,

It was a fantastic experience. I became aware of developers' hunger for better code search tools, so I decided to put all my tweets about #7DaysOfSearch in one place. A one-page reference for the #7DaysofSearch tweetstorm.

What is Sourcegraph?

Sourcegraph is a software tool that enables developers and anyone to search, explore and better understand code faster, with contextual code intelligence to improve developer productivity and automate large-scale code change management.

On, you can search for code from open source repositories.

With an account on, you can add private and public open-source repositories and search for code within those repositories.

#7DaysOfSearch Recap

Here's a full rundown:

Day 1: How to add open source repositories to Sourcegraph

Day 2: How to find error messages with Sourcegraph

Day 3: How to add private code repositories to Sourcegraph

Day 4: How to search code with Sourcegraph using literal patterns

Day 5: How to search code with Sourcegraph using regular expression

Day 6: How to search code with Sourcegraph using structural search patterns

Day 7: Code search tips and tricks with Sourcegraph

Quick Code Search Challenge

Sourcegraph has already indexed more than 1 million reports and is committed to indexing by the end of this year every project on GitHub or GitLab with one or more stars (~5.5 million repositories). So, armed with this information, I'll present a quick challenge!

Challenge: You need to get the top 5 GitHub OSS code repositories that use the navigator.sendBeacon Web API. How would you go about it?

Feel free to post your answer in the comment section or tweet at me (@unicodeveloper with the hashtag #7DaysOfSearch #SourcegraphCodeSearchChallenge

Wrapping Up

There's a lot to learn about code search. I just scratched the surface of what's possible with code search using Sourcegraph.

As a developer, designer and educational researcher, Sourcegraph provides enough flexibility and power to find code and resources to build your projects quickly!

Now, I have a few questions for you:

  • What tools do you currently use for code search?
  • What would you like to learn about code search?
  • If you already use Sourcegraph, what would you like to see or know?

Furthermore, if you found any of the tips from the seven days useful, feel free to like & RT on Twitter. Would you mind dropping your best tip in the comment section?

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