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Why I Moved To Sidekick Browser

1.Can Search Instantly

You can instantly Bring A search bar, it'll search from history, bookmarks, Web apps you stored, Contacts and documents

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2.Can Pin web apps and can access them anytime and anywhere

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Why use Tabs when you can use web apps directly
In this you can directly work in apps instead of tabs and the side bar which clears the clutter can save time from switching tabs and make work more efficient.

3.Switch Between accounts

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You can instantly switch between diff accounts and save alot of time, and also can control notification of web app.


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Set up new team members with every app, bookmark, and credential before they open their browser. Every work tool they need is right at their fingertips.

5.Inbuilt adblocker and Tracker Blocker

Sidekick doesnโ€™t have an ad-based business model, so we can block ads and trackers without compromise.

6.AI Based Tab suspension and improved ram management

Sidekick saves memory by automatically suspending tabs that you don't need at the moment.

7.Create workflows

you can create workflows and workspaces for various roles in your team and easily manage them.


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Check it out

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