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Keploy-Calling all Open Source Contributors

Have you ever heard about API calls? Have you ever heard about the term testing? When you are broadcasting a live stream or creating a post over Instagram you are essentially making an API Call, according to the definition, an API call is the process of a client application submitting a request to an API and that API retrieving the requested data from the external server or program and delivering it back to the client. But you know, with API Calls, there comes a tedious task to test, right?

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Problems like validating the test parameters, and securing API call sequences, are faced by every student developer nowadays. Nothing to worry about, What if I introduce you to a tool that can do this thing for you in minutes? Interesting, right?

Well, the platform I am talking about is Keploy, which is a No Code API Testing Platform. You can use this to generate test cases and mocks from your API Calls. I got to know about this when I was participating in a hackathon and performing testing and was writing a hell number of test cases for my API calls, as the time was less, my team members suggested looking out for a tool that does that, while I was searching on Github, I got to know about this platform, I joined their slack, introduced myself. The community is very welcoming, when I told them about the issue, they helped me to set up keploy onto my local system, and I got free from writing the test cases over and over again.

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Now comes the question of what makes Keploy different from others? The main answer lie in its features, it converts the api calls into a test case from any source, safely replays all the CRUD operations, not only this, it gives accurate noise detection? Amazing right?

Now, when you have got to know that what is keploy and what makes it different. Join the community and contribute to our amazing open source project

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Neha Gupta

This was awesome Unnati! Thanks for writing this. 👏