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Alanna Burke for Lagoon

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Lagoon and the CNCF - What’s Next

I’m sure you’ve all been on the edge of your seats wondering what’s happening with Lagoon and the CNCF - and we have news! Unfortunately, it’s not what we’d hoped. The TOC reviewed our application and didn’t feel that we were quite ready. We got this news a little while ago, and as part of the feedback we watched the review conversation - there was the impression that Lagoon might require some closed-source services to function (which it doesn't) - so we'll work more to address any confusion there. The good news is that we were told we could re-apply for consideration in January!

So this isn’t a bad thing! This gives us time to focus on improving Lagoon, shoring up our website, documentation, and focusing our marketing efforts. We’ll have more experience with the users who are currently implementing Lagoon on their own, and we can fix any pain points we see there. We’ve taken some time to sit down as a team, go over our application, and address what we need to change, so we’re excited to re-submit Lagoon in 2022!

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