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Useful tools and repositories for development open-sourced on github

Github is a marvelous tools that allows developers to host their code for free online on repositories. This code is often open-source, which means it encourages open collaboration and use. Open-source is a great aspect of software development that has led to the creation of several free projects (libs, frameworks, packages...). Today we'll be looking at which useful repositories can help you for web development and computer science




Animate.css is a helpful css repo that lets you add animations to your code by simply adding a class to the element you wish to style. I recommend it because its animations are very appealing and setup is quick and easy.


This repository is a nice collection of optimized svg logos for pretty much any company you can think of.



Loaders.css is a collection of nice and well-designed loaders built entirely with css. They have some cool designs so you should check it out!

There are also some interesting css frameworks that are a base on which you can build your site, packaged with the styles people often use on certain elements of their site. The most popular are Bootstrap and Foundation.




Zepto.js is a minimalist javascript library that can help you simplify your js code immensely. It's simple to use and is similar to JQuery.


Modernizr is another javascript library that lets you use feature detection to test if the website visitor is on a touch screen or which html, css or js features they're browser supports and etcetera.

jasmine logo


Jasmine is a javascript testing framework that lets you check the quality and performance of your browser and nodejs code. Test Driven Development is an important part of building quality code and Jasmine can help you with that.



Nodejs is a popular tool you probably already know about that lets you use javascript on your server instead of your browser.

You can also check this awesome-javascript github repository that lists tons of other fun tools with js.


scikit logo

Scikit Learn

Scikit Learn is THE library for machine learning that can help you train you own algorithms. It's a neat tools I recommend you look at if you intend to work on machine learning.


Altair is a well-designed library to visualize data in Python. It can produce complex and simple graphs alike (see above).

flask logo

Flask is a lightweight framework for Python which you can build webapps with. It's simple to use and get started with. This tutorial does a good job of covering the basics.

spacy logo


SpaCy is the most efficient python library to analyze text using machine learning. You can check out my simple tutorial

You can look at more python tools on the awesome-python github repo.

Some Ruby Tools


The Sorcery ruby gem is extremely useful for authentication with Rails like signing in, resetting your password...

rspec logo


The RSpec ruby gem is useful and has an intuitive syntax to test your Rails or plain Ruby code. It's essential for Test Driven Development with Ruby.


Byebug is a great debugger for Ruby that can help you find what's preventing your code from working the way it should be.

I hope you enjoyed this short list of software tools I use. If there are any others you think are worth mentioning you should comment them down below.

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