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The State of RecoilJS


The core concept of Recoil is the data-flow where data travels from Atoms (shared state) through Selectors (pure functions) down into React components building your app.

React Components can subscribe to these atoms. The subscription can be used to get and set data from Atoms. Recoil works and thinks just like React providing a fast & flexible shared state.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Supports asynchronous state management
  • State persistence
  • boilerplate-free API where the shared state has the same simple get/set interface as React local state;
  • Compatibility with Concurrent Mode and other new React features as they become available;
  • Code-splitting possibility thanks to incremental & distributed state definition,
  • The state can be replaced without modifying the components that use it.
  • Derived data can move between being synchronous and asynchronous without modifying the components that use it.
  • Backward-compatibility of application state; persisted states can survive application changes.

RecoilJS uses the Context API internally and it solves the problem of efficient render with shared state across components.

Recoil is built on React primitives, the benefits are clear: Cleaner and more compatible. It is like having useState on steroids. Recoil feels like its part of the React core facilitating the use of state or shared state in your components with less context boilerplate.

Learn more about Recoil:


Share Recoil useful links and tutorials in the comments this will help the community


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Top comments (3)

thejayhaykid profile image
Jake Hayes

Iā€™m excited for this. It seems a lot less confusing and easier to get started than redux. I hope they move it out of experimental status and get a stable release out

vacom profile image
Vitor Amaral

I hope so too. It is so simple, very easy to understand, and has very little boilerplate. We have to support the project with our contribution. A simple star in the repository will help Facebook understand that it has a special project.

cbfn profile image
Christian Nascimento

Looks like Mobx but without decorators