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Data Structures and Algorithms Helpful Resources

Over the course of every programmers life. They will eventually run into data structures and algorithms. Some people can understand these better and faster than others, but everyone needs to practice them. Being a new developer in a very competitive market, you have to stand out and prove yourself as a better programmer than all the competition. Although data structures and algorithm's aren't all the tools you need when it comes to programming or searching for a job, it is one of the major ways that company's test potential candidates for a job. Online, there are many resources that are available to developer when it comes to learning and practicing data structures and algorithms. In my journey as a developer, I have tried a few of these resources, and I found success when it came to practicing algorithms and gaining more knowledge.

There are tons of resources out there, and I cannot cover all of them, But I would like to share a list of resources that I use that help me when it comes to practicing data structures and algorithms.

  1. My favorite resource is I really like using this resource because there is a large abundance of different types of problems to try to solve. Along with that, there is a leveling up aspect, so the more problems you solve, the more you level up and receive cool benefits. Along with every problem there is also a conversation board where you can compare answers and talk about the problem with other users.

  2. Another very useful resource is This is one of the more popular resources and is very commonly used. Like codewars, leetcode has a large abundance of problems as well as a forum for coversations with other programmers. Leetcode does not offer an answer in a selected programming technology. Most of the answers are in Java or another one of the older programming languages. One benefit to leetcode is that you can select the difficulty of the problems you want to solve.

  3. A very great resource is Although this resource does not have a built in IDE, youtube has an infinite amount of videos and help that any programmer can use to either learn about or practice data structures and algorithms. Not only that, but anything programming related can be found on youtube.

  4. A lot of the times, paid for online courses from resources such as udemy or udacity can help brush up your skills by taking classes and learning from other programmers and instructors who understand data structures and algorithms very well. A great aspect to these courses is that they are rated and have feedback, so you can learn from other programmers and find out if the course is good or bad.

  5. One of me absolute favorite resources is With many different types of course available at no cost, this resource has a great course on Javascript Data Structures and Algorithms. Although it is an intense and long course, it is helpful for brushing up on skills and achieving that much needed practice on data structures and algorithms as well as Javascript in general.

I hope this short little blog helped you in your search for help with data structures and algorithms. Although this is not much, I use these resources a lot to help me learn and practice.

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