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You should know these things before contributing to an open source project

In this post, I'll be showing you things you should know before contributing to an open source project. I learnt these things and I'll be showing them to you on this short post.

Before making a pr, there are things you should ensure that your changes meet, these things helps save time for everyone working on the project and helps avoid problems. They're:

Adhere to the project's rule.

Many projects has rules that guides them, they maybe where to place media files, how to edit files like a JSON file containing data used by those projects.

When contributing to such projects, try to go by those rules as they are often the foundations of the projects.

Any deviance from the rules will cause problems and your changes won't be merged until corrected.

Be descriptive with your commit messages.

After making an improvement to a project, try as much as possible to explain what you did in the commit message.

Understand before writing.

Try as much as possible to understand the project you're trying to improve before making a change.

Understand the file structure and how the files depends on each other.

If you don't understand the project you'll have a hard working on the project.

That's it. Thanks reading through. I welcome your contribution.

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