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How to grow faster in career? (For Beginners)

I am engineer who has spent 5 years already in software development industry. And I want to tell you some career hacks which have helped me in beginning or in middle of my career.

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Hacks Hacks Hacks

There are always hacks to grow faster than someone else, or just yourself as well

Compete with others

Have a healthy competition with others, not only at your level but levels above you as well.
By Healthy competition, I meant -

  • to learn from them and try to get better than them or at least equivalent to them
  • to be good to them and not get bitchy. Healthy competition should not bring relation any effect, but on other hand relation should not come between competition always and you loosing out to get better

Why we do this?
Because you want to be valuable, and you are learning how others are valuable more than you in same industry.

It's not always about years, there's more to it.

Have good connections and many connections

Apart from getting skills, your connections building ability can you take very far.
Remember that world is not fair, all of us don't have same currency value, all of us not living same life or getting same opportunities.
Humans trust connections more than strangers, so why not have connections for future jobs, opportunities, knowledge, experiences?

Put more efforts in objectives

Objectives/Goals are what we/others look for. Teams get insane targets, people get insane long targets/goals.
But you got to keep tracking them, complete them, and celebrate once they are done.

Put extra efforts in completing objective you set. Keep setting harder goals, and learn on how to accomplish things in less time.

This will help you in management of time, efforts. This will give you realization that you can work on 1 feature for 1 week, 1 month, and even 1 year. You can do everything from scratch or use 10 libraries and customize it on the top.
In the end, it's your call and results of same you have to carry.

Over a long period of time, achievements matter, efforts are just push to cover distance till achievements

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