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Project Aurora Update V00.01.02

valley_software profile image Rob ・2 min read

It has been a slow start for Aurora; basically the dreaded WebAuthenticationBroker, which is the standard way in UWP of performing OAuth, struck again.

If you know this control, you're already cringing.

The unreliability of this particular control has led me to halt development before, as trying to maintain with it and keep it going is to the most part not worth while.

But this time, I needed to figure something out.

In this particular case, the issue was with it using Internet Explorer under the hood.

You read that right; in 2020 it uses Internet Explorer. Not edge, not some form of Chromium, IE11.

This isn't supported by GitHub (Hilarious that Microsoft's development environment focusing on Microsoft operating systems doesn't work with Microsoft's code repository, no?)

So I found some code which would help me use Edge engine. Woohoo!

Of course it didn't work. It got kinda close though and gave me what I needed to write my own.

That took me a week.

Then I continued to find little issues which needed ironing out. The last of which was clearing it's local data so it would permit log on from multiple different accounts.

With that done, and a spanking new icon added, here are some progress screenshots:

New Icon and Purple app theme
New Icon and Purple app theme

Multi Account List and main layout
Multi Account List and main layout


User Home Account tab, only just started
User Home Account tab, only just started

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