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What does a basic project look like for me?

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Project Aurora (7 Part Series)

1) Project Aurora Begins 2) What does a basic project look like for me? 3 ... 5 3) Stop procrastinating and do the thing! 4) Back of the Project Aurora napkin 5) Project Aurora Update V00.01.02 6) Project Aurora Status Update March 21st 7) Project Aurora - It's Alive!

So, what was my basic app starting point look like in February 2020?

Sort of like this:

pic of Visual Studio Solution manager

There is some stuff added and removed from standard for me; for example I have stripped out the Settings view I normally have (I'll re-add that later).

But it gives you an idea.

I have dreams of having base ListViewModels setup, as they tend to work in VERY similar ways 90% of the time, but I have never worked that out how I want it to be.

There is significant room for improvement and reduction of duplicate load/delete/startnew code in those view models. I've moved on though for now as you can spend a lot of time "collecting underpants", so to speak, while not getting on with solving problems.


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