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Back of the Project Aurora napkin

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Project Aurora (7 Part Series)

1) Project Aurora Begins 2) What does a basic project look like for me? 3 ... 5 3) Stop procrastinating and do the thing! 4) Back of the Project Aurora napkin 5) Project Aurora Update V00.01.02 6) Project Aurora Status Update March 21st 7) Project Aurora - It's Alive!

Ever hear of a project being drawn up on the back of a napkin?

Well, here's the basic starting 'napkins' for Project Aurora showing what I am and am not interested in.

Screenshot of GitHub with the bits I'm interested in indicated

Issues in GitHub

And the plan from now until the release date in June with the #Launch2020 crew:

From now to Launch2020 plan

You can see I have left room for Spoons, Onesie (Another concept) and a major feature update for Kanban Ink

Plus all the other maintenance, of course!

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