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Project Aurora Begins

I've decided to move my development blogging to hear, from my companies own blog.

The idea is to separate customer facing entries from dev and community facing ones.

So, what is in the lab at #ValleySoftware?

Well, my Launch project for 2020 is Project Aurora. It's a GitHub client aimed at the NON-CODE parts. Being #Launch, it's a Microsoft Store UWP app.

So not managing merge conflicts, etc.

It's all about pull requests, contributor management, issues and project management via a Kanban interface.

I've had a few false starts at this, but at least my knowledge is building up.

I've got a very good base app ready now and have started fleshing out the low level stuff.

As of right now it doesn't look like much, but the plumbing underneath the hood is fairly well built out and ready to go.

I'll try to post regularly here in the open as I go for the amusement of others and to kick myself into gear and actually get on with it!

More soon, Rob.

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