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Python Projects for Beginners🔥 { must try }

These are some Python Projects you must try if you are a beginner.

  1. Number Guessing Game
  2. Rock Paper Scissors
  3. Hangman Game
  4. Binary Search
  5. Check Leap Year
  6. Desktop Notifier

These projects give you idea of the basic python programming like variables, loops, functions and some packages.

Access Code for the Projects here 👉

Concepts you can learn with each project :

Number Guessing - random module/package and loops

Rock Paper Scissors - conditional statements in Python and also the random module.

Hangman - getting a random word, sets, adding and removing into sets

Binary Search - Very important Searching Algorithm

Leap Year - Logic behind leap year

Desktop Notifier - plyer module, how to get notification with python.

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