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Stephan Nijman
Stephan Nijman

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Wordpress Dev Monthly Recap April

Originally posted on on April 30th 2019

WordPress April in short:

All of April has been a approach to the WordPress 5.2 release with a Beta 2, Beta 3 and a 5.2 Release Candidate. Version 5.2 was schedueld for release on April 30th but has been bumped to Tuesday May 7th.

The most notable changes for us developers in 5.2 will be:

  • A minimum requirement of PHP 5.6.20 .
  • There will be some new Dashicons.
  • A new plugin headers which, among other things, can set Minimum PHP Version Requirements.
  • Site health tests wil be filterable via site_status_tests hook meaning plugins or themes may add their own tests.
  • And a brand-new wp_body_open() template tag and action will let themes, and plugins, add content right after the body is opened.

WordPress Updates and releases:

WordPress tutorials and resources:

Web development tutorials and resources:


If you have any suggestions for good article or other resources please do let me know! You can get in touch via Twitter: Vanaf1979, my website or comment here on

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Have a great May.

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