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WordPress Monthly Dev Digest #020

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Originally posted on my website on July 31th 2020

WordPress July in short.

At the end of Juli we can almost taste the release of WordPress 5.5 scheduled for August 11, 2020. This update will be packed with developer goodies like auto updates for themes and plugins, a new filter for archive page headings, new block api's, some changes the get_custom_logo function, custom line-heights and units for core blocks, a new wp_get_environment_type function, the option to pass arguments to template files, changes to the Wp Rest Api including some new endpoint, an updated jQuery version, the new block patterns concept, some new dashicons and even more to check out here and here.

This upcoming release will also feature XML Sitemap functionality and native lazy-loading of image being pulled into core.







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Stay safe and have a great August.

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