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Scrimba challenges solutions

Day 1 Candies

Day 2 Deposit profit

Day 3 Chunky monkey

Day 4 Century from year

Day 5 Reverse a string

Day 6 Sort by length

Day 7 Count Vowel consonant

Day 8 Rolling Dice

Day 9 Sum odd Fibonnacci number

Day 10 Adjacent element products

Day 11 Avoid obstacles

Day 12 Valdi minutes

Day 13 Extract Each Kth

Day 14 Maximal Adjacent difference

Day 15 Caroussel

Day 16 Insert Slashes

Day 17 Objetives naives

Day 18 Array Previous less

Day 19 Ascending order alphabet sequence

Day 20 Domain type

Day 21 Sum of 2

Day 22 Extract matrix column

Day 23 Tweet Component

Day 24 Test your agility

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Well done, keep up the great work! 👏

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Thank you.