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Are you feeling like your time is SO precious ?

I was reading some article at Medium and many of them say "You have X seconds to live, I won't give one for something useless"

I don't get this, if you are happy about doing nothing, what's wrong ?

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endan • Edited

Think of it like this.

Being aware that you're doing nothing

is different than being

unaware you're doing nothing,

If you're purposely doing nothing then you're doing something. You're doing nothing.

But if you're doing nothing and you don't know (unaware) you're doing nothing, then you're wasting your time.

One solid example is meditation. Meditation is doing nothing. Meditation is watching your thoughts come and go and not hold on to them. Without attachment, bias, and prejudice. You come to understand that you are not your thoughts. That your thoughts are just.. well... thoughts.

If you are happy doing nothing, then by all means, do nothing (and be happy).

But if you are watching TV, starting at the four-cornered rectangular mindlessly, and eating whatever thing and simultaneously thinking of something else, then your mind is focusing on nowhere. I think this is the dangerous/unaware type of doing nothing.

I'm speaking as a Buddhist practitioner here. If you are interested in this, just search mindfulness.

TL;DR: Mindfully doing nothing is different from mindlessly doing nothing.

Cheers~ I hope this helps.

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I agree with this, but I also think that watching TV, and eating snacks could also be another way of relaxing. Binge-watching can get to be too much if you don't know how to control it, but if you know how to pace yourself, thats another option for relaxation.

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Valentin Silvestre

Thanks ! Pretty instructive :)

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Enovision GmbH

If doing nothing is giving you the best vibe possible then it is not a waste of time, but the best way how to spent your energy.

I typed this after a day of hard work and very little satisfaction. Why am I doing it? Because you won't earn your bread on the table by doing nothing and feel happy about it. Greatest waste in life is being unsatisfied how your energy spent didn't give you the best feeling possible.

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Valentin Silvestre

I'm kinda sad hearing this.
I'm just doing a 7h job, don't imply much and I just enjoy the rest.
Girlfriend, videogames, series.. and sometimes, friends and going out.

But I work just enough to be able to pay bill and having fun.
This important thing here is that I don't imply and get a 7h job without extras etc..

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