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My Interview Questions

1.What is session?
2.What is list and list comprehension?
3.What is global variables.Differnce between global and local variable.
4.What is the difference between xrange and range?
5.What python version has xrange?
6.What is dataframe?
7.In python, how to connect to mysql database?
8.If a column value is greater than the column size, what type of
error do you get in python and how do you identify/resolve it?

9.Explain Django Architecture?Features of Django?Why Use Django?Disadvantage of Django?
10.Explain the Django project directory structure?
11.What are models in Django?
12.What is admin in Django?
13.What are views in Django?What is signals?Describe two important signals modules?
14.What is Django ORM?
15.Difference between Django and Flask?
16.How to run a django project?
17.What will be the ouput-->
def fast(a=[]):
return a

18.Write a code to display the sum of all integer from 1 to 10.
19.What is init?
20.What is pickeling and pep8?
21.How do you convert a string to Hex,Int,String?
22.How to change the attribute of a class at runtime?
23.What is slicing?
24.Differnce between list and tuples?
25.Mutable and Immutable datatypes in python?
26.What are packages and modules?
27.Can a package contains modules?

Data Analytics Question

1.Add new column 'Flag_A_B'. Values in the new column:
if A is greater than B ,then 1
otherwise 0
*Add new column 'AVG_C'. Values in the new column:
Average of previous 5 seconds values of C.
for example, if the previous 5 seconds values of C is 10,20,30,40,50, then the current value in AVG_C is (10+20+30+40+50)/5=30

*Add new column 'FLAG_C'. Values in the new column:
if current value in C is within +-10% of current value in 'AVG_C', 1
if current value in C is below -10% of current value in 'AVG_C', 0
if current value in C is above +10% of current value in 'AVG_C',2

2.There are quick ways to show the basic statistics of each column, like mean, max, min, median. Please show us one.

==========================Part2 =============================

  1. What is constrains in sql?
  2. Difference between primary key, unique key ,foreign key.
  3. Name and explain different types of join?
  4. Explain views and procedure.
  5. What is polymorphism,inheritance and abstract method?
  6. What are magic methods?
  7. What are generators in python?Explain Memory management in python.
  8. How to merge two dictionaries with the same key.
  9. What is scope in python?
  10. What is pass and continue?Difference between the same.
  11. What is access modifiers in python?
  12. What is constructor?
  13. What is self in python?
  14. What is decorators?Give an example.
  15. What is lamda?
  16. Different types of copies?Difference between shallow copy and deep copy 17.Difference Between xrange and range?
  17. Difference between count and len.
  18. What are .pyc files?
  19. What is GIL? 21.Find the median by merging two list. 22.Explain splitwise?Create an app similar to splitwise.

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