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Velmurugan Balasubramanian
Velmurugan Balasubramanian

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Hello, community.🙂

My name is Vel. I am a developer relations engineer (Devrel) from a beautiful coastal city named Chennai from the southern part of India.

Before changing my career path from a software engineer to a Devrel, close to 3 years ago, my perception about being a Devrel was something similar to what developer advocates at the big techs like amazon and google do, the traveling to conferences, working on open-source projects and the whole nine yards, but the whole perspective, changed over time, I realized there are a lot moving parts to developer relations, and especially in a B2B ecosystem where there are a lot of stakeholders involved.

There are some great articles about developer relations in and medium. I thought I'd also share my journey over the course of the past 3 years, hopefully in a different perspective. also, if you read something in this series that you feel you might have read somewhere else, then probably you did. This series is just a compilation of things I learned, mostly from my awesome colleagues at Freshworks inc, the internet, and some from my personal experience.

Developer relations is one of the most important aspects of any company with developer-facing products like a public API or a developer platform. the goal of every developer relations team is to give the best possible developer experience. This series will cover all the quirks and differences in handling developer experience in a B2B ecosystem.

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