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Meet The Board: Kyle Shevlin

Kyle is a senior software engineer at Webflow, working to democratize software engineering through visual & no code development. He's the host of the Second Career Devs, a podcast devoted to telling the stories of people who switched careers to web development and the lessons they've learned along the way. He's also an instructor for with courses ranging from Data Structures and Algorithms to Functional Programming in JavaScript. When he's not working, you can probably find him on the golf course, playing some video games, or enjoying some local craft beers in Portland, OR. You can find him on Twitter at @kyleshevlin.

Kyle helps us at Vets Who Code with curriculum building and outreach into the javascript dev community. One of his first actions with us was sending a tweet that helped a veteran get a job in less than two weeks. Glad to have im on the team, even though his facial hair is no where close to military regulations.

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Jacob Evans

Love Kyle, love the work, love vetswhocode, love it all. Great work!

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Jerome Hardaway

Thank you for your support!