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My Favorite Oh-My-Zsh theme

I wanted to put this in my JS setup post, but I decided themes really were more a personal preference and not a necessary part of the whole scheme. But I did want to share.

So my favorite Oh-My-Zsh theme is called Honukai. It is not in the default themes for OMZ so you have to add it manually. It gives quite a bit of info.

  • Username
  • Computer name
  • Current directory name
  • Current git branch name
  • Current status of git (dirty / add / commit / push)
  • Current time
  • Fancy colors for each of above information.
  • Always returns on a new line.

Here is a look at it.

Alt Text

So to get it you can download it here or go get it from the repo here.

  1. Drop honukai.zsh-theme into the ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/themes/ directory (simply create the themes directory if it does not exist)
  2. Change the theme variable name to ZSH_THEME="honukai" in ~/.zshrc
  3. Reload ZSH with source ~/.zshrc

Off to the races you go.

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