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VetsWhoCode Extension Pack

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Vets Who Code is a non-profit organization providing veterans with software development training. As part of the training, the students set up their development environment, including VS Code. Most students are not aware of the available extensions they could use and they receive a list to install from the marketplace.

Realizing there must be a better way, we built a VS Code plugin to flatten the productive learning curve. This plugin is an extension pack filled with common extensions used in the training program. We asked for feedback from the VetsWhoCode community, and added the most common extensions into the plugin.

The value in using this plugin is the time saved getting new veterans up and running. The troops install the extension pack, increasing the amount of instructional time. This translates to a faster transition into writing software.

The VetsWhoCode Extension Pack contains the following extensions:
-Alphabetical Sorter
-Axe Accessibility Linter
-CSS Peek
-JavaScript Booster
-Markdown All in One
-Sort JSON objects
-Thunder Client
-VSLiveShare Pack

We are always open to more feedback and grateful to those who support us in our learning and building journey. Don't hesitate to provide feedback or ideas via GitHub discussions. Our open-source extension pack can be found here.

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Nick Taylor

Great list of extensions! 🔥