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Problem Solving Process

This is a short list I follow when I need some solution to solve problems.

1. What's going on?

Identify the problem

2. What do we know?

Collect data

3. What are the root causes?

Analyze the data

4. What could we do?

Brainstorm, generate solutions

5. What's the best thing to do?

Select solution

6. How do we go about it?


7. Have we solved the problem?

Implement and test

8. Can we improve on what we have done?

Continue to improve

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This is great. Thanks for posting. I would say observing someone fail, when it's possible to do that, it can be more instructive than identifying an issue solely through a help ticket.

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Vinicius Cainelli

Definitely, learn with the mistakes of others is better than learn with your own mistakes.