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Vicki Langer
Vicki Langer

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What Could Pawsibly go Wrong

I’m not sure if this suffices the hiring manager’s request.

image shows job application question “in 150 words or fewer, tell us what makes you unique. Try to be creative” and answer “I am open to puns, cats, dogs, code reviews, open source, and pawesome pair purgramming”

How would you have responded to this question?

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Jess Lee

I don't understand why this question is on a job application!!! What even qualifies as unique? And does someone even need to be 'unique' to be qualified for a job? I feel like this question can only introduce bias.

But regardless of my feelings...I'd probably say something about being a career changer and how I like to solve problems in all areas of my life, including rock climbing problems. And then cross my fingers that the hiring manager is also a climber or cares about fitness?? 😒

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Vicki Langer

Yes! This is pretty much what I was thinking. There's no good reason for this vague question. I was hoping they'd enjoy my punny take on some things I enjoy.

I agree it can only introduce bias. Though, I think it's likely on purpose. They probably want something to help them know a person and maybe relate to them.

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Jacob Baker

We ask graduates/interns/students something similar, but more toward what hobbies or interests they have outside of software dev because at that stage their technical experience is largely the same.

In terms of being asked, I usually go with the fact I can (badly!) play the didgeridoo or rock climb on weekends.

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Zohar Peled

I'll tell you when you'll give me my first paycheck.

Smart-ass questions deserves smart-ass answers.