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Quire Sublist: Bridge the Gap between Team To Do Lists and Personal Productivity

Do you ever think how amazing it would feel to make the tasks in your to do list disappear and accomplish everything you set out for the day, so you can go home early then continue where you left off with your favorite Netflix show? However, more often, life won’t go as planned, especially when you are working on a complex project with so many team members. By day’s end, the team’s shared task list looks like a matrix and no one would ever know where to get started. With so many team members working on the same list, it's mostly impossible to identify your tasks and how to connect all the dots together.

We know you’ve tried your best to optimize your productivity, but sometimes life gets in the way. At Quire, we never let the stress win and make you feel less of yourself. It's not you, it’s the way your team works with the to do list. Today, in order to solve the frustration and distraction problems once and for all, we introduce you with the ultimate Quire Sublist - the feature that will change the way you deal with your task list forever.

Personalize the Way You View Your Team Goals

We’ve all been through this: sitting in conference rooms for hours on end where nothing gets done. Everyone has the same proposal and same action plan, but somehow you look at the eye of your teammates and you realize you two share the same feeling: I have absolutely no idea what is going on.

Lost in translation happens more often than you thought. No matter how good your communication skill is, everyone has very different ideas when it comes to interpreting a to do list. The tasks that matter to a manager may not mean that much to a staff. Letting team members have the ability to create a personalized list is the secret to getting things done.

To-do list

Tip: You can create as many sublists as you want and set different view permission for each sublist.

For one project in Quire, you can have as many sublists as you wish. For example, you might create a sublist named Design Reference and put all of the tasks/subtasks that are related to the task of Design Reference. Instead of creating a matrix of tags that drive all of the project members crazy, with your own personalized sublist, you can focus on the right tasks at the right time, without getting distracted by everything else.

And when you are working with the sublists, you can always switch back to the “master” list at any time to view all of the tasks shared between team members and the big picture of your project.

Tackle To Do Lists As a Winning Team

We encourage you and your team to dream big but keep the to-do list relevant and straight to the point. If you have too many things to look at, you will end up not knowing where to focus on. Same thing with your to-do list, if there are too many tasks laying around, you will get lost before you even start working on your list.

You can build in as many tasks as you want, your team members can also contribute to the task list and eventually create a big picture on how to achieve team goals. The brainstorming process can last forever until your team gets on the same page. However, when your team sits down at the desk and start working on the task list, you can use Quire Sublist to create a shorter version of the ever-growing list and focus on the tasks that matter to each individual only.

Project management software

Tip: You can select the same tasks and create different sublists.

There are often some team members working together on the same section of the project. Quire Sublist was born to help you create a focused view for yourself and moreover, for the project members and even the external team that share the same workload. If you are a team manager, for example, you can select several crucial tasks related to the Phase 1 of the Product Development and create a sublist named Phase 1 then share with your team members. This way, everyone is kept on the same page and they all know which tasks are relevant to the milestone.

The key to productivity is to get focused on what should be done, instead of being worried about everything all over the place. With the combination of Quire MyTasks II and Sublist, now your team can be more proactive to stay on top of the deadlines.

Be Ambitious but Stay Realistic with Your To Do List

When Quire was born, we shared our philosophy to the world: every great dream needs a doable starting point. You can dream the world but without laying out the groundwork, you can never make your dreams come true. Quire is one of the few if not saying the first to allow users to create unlimited sublists within a master list. Productivity is all about getting focused on the right tasks at the right time. Nested task list, Kanban Board, Sublists are the powerful trio to help you visualize and accomplish your dreams.

We hope Quire Sublist can be a part of your successful stories, whether you are planning for your company trip or building a rocket. Helping you improve productivity, get things done and achieve your dreams is always our mission from day one.

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