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Osinachi Chukwujama
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2 Years of Coding: My Journey

As of the time of writing, I have been Coding for 2 years. I moved from Python to Lua to JavaScript. Here's the timeline.

The uncertain start

May 2018: I wanted to build games. Somehow, I figured that I needed C++. I started picking up C++ from a C++ book at my school's library. I wasn't making progress. I decided to learn to code from the first principles.

So, I googled 'how to learn to code' or something along those lines. I saw a weird name Python. I hadn't seen such a language before.
The next day, I saw a guy learning HTML at the e-library. I asked him how I can learn Python. He directed me to Sololearn and Codecademy. I started picking up Python using

  1. my school's e-library and
  2. my mobile device.

June 2018: I got bored with Python. Mainly because of lack of projects, a community and a PC.

June - October 2018: I randomly dabbled into JavaScript, HTML, Ruby and Java.

November 2018: I finally got a PC. I started learning Unity + C#. Apparently I still wanted to build games. Unity's learning curve was quite steep, so I decided to go for something easier.

January - February 2019: Started picking up Defold + Lua. Defold is a 2d game engine which uses Lua for scripting.

Getting serious

March 2019: I joined a coding group of 4. I was coding using Python. This group helped us all. We solved algorithmic challenges daily. I realized that I have dabbled too much and decided to focus on the web.

April 2019 - May 2019: I started using JavaScript in coding challenges. I was intrigued by the power of web apps, so I started learning HTML + CSS.

June 2019: I got serious with the frontend development. I completed a significant portion of freecodecamp front-end development topics. I also participated in my first hackathon. I was lucky enough to be part of the winning team.

July 2019: Learned how to build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). I kept on learning frontend development.

August - September 2019: I realized that I needed to build real stuff. I started the daily UI challenges. Then stopped 2 weeks after. My final exams were approaching. I also applied to a CFP for DevFest Uyo. I started picking up React around this time.

The leap

October 2019: Exams ended early October. I got serious with React. CFP got accepted. I spoke about PWAs at my first conference, DevFest Uyo 2019. I met 10x developers and software engineers.

November 2019: I enrolled in Mechanical Engineering internship. I learned the basics of Autodesk Inventor and the same time, building a 'serious' React app. Participated in a Hackathon from Genesys known as Hackmania.

December 2019: I picked up Gatsby. I kept on building my React app. Was participating in Microsoft Imagine Cup.

January 2020: I kept on learning Gatsby and React. Proceeded to the next stage of Hackmania. I was surprised I moved a stage up because I wasn't serious with it. I started dabbling in C# again πŸ˜†. It was JavaScript fatigue. I also wanted to get my hands dirty with Blazor. I participated in stage 2 of Hackmania. I qualified for stage 3. I also became a Microsoft Student Partner.

Gaining a ground

February 2020: I volunteered as a facilitator at Genesys campus club. I was teaching JavaScript. I came across a CFP to speak at a Flutter event. I decided to learn Flutter in two weeks in order to speak at the event. I was surprised that my CFP got accepted. I spoke about Flutter for web. I also participated in stage 3 of Hackmania. I failed terribly.

March 2020: I kept on building Flutter apps and Gatsby websites. I attended a computer science students' conference. Mainly because of the hackathon that was to be held. I participated in my third hackathon. I failed the challenge.

April 2020: The Covid-19 forced a break on everyone. For me, it meant zero distractions from school work. I kept on building React and Flutter apps. I also enrolled as an intern at StartDotNG internship program. I enrolled in Node.js, Flutter and python courses.

Becoming more pragmatic

May 2020: I started picking up express.js, the right way. I'm still building react and Flutter apps. I'm currently participating in a BuildForSDGs challenge from Andela + Facebook. I'm learning core coding standards and methods from the BuildForSDGs challenge.

That sums it. 2 years of exposure. 1 year of being serious. A few months of being pragmatic. I define being pragmatic as:

  • writing tests
  • planing out architecture
  • starting with design

This is my journey. Thank you for exploring with me.

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πŸ¦„N BπŸ›‘

You, sir, have what I believe is technically called grit.

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Osinachi Chukwujama

Thank you for the compliment.