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How did I earn $255.75 in 42 minutes?

Víctor Falcón
Updated on ・2 min read

As an experiment I wanted to test myself and see how much money I could generate with my Instagram followers. I have a relatively large account in a particular niche that has not been tapped so far.

Create a product

In my case I was quite clear about the product. Since my followers are people who like the world of fitness, hypertrophy and nutrition my idea was to create a bodybuilding guide based on my own experiences.

I decided to start with the abs, which is perhaps the most interesting muscle for the public, and create a guide entitled "How to define and mark your abdomen by being a normal person". An extensive guide with details on exercise and nutrition made by a normal person for normal people.

Sell the guide

Once the "dirty" work of creating and layouting the guide elegantly was done, it was time for the selling part. Communication would be simple. I would upload a couple of Instagram stories linking directly to the product, but I needed a platform on which to sell it.

For this second part I decided to use Crator which allows me to create a profile and sell digital content in very few steps. Also, instead of putting a fixed price I decided to put a variable price with a minimum of 3 euros, but with which the user, if he wanted, could pay more.


Everything was ready, we just had to publish the stories and see what happened. I expected some sales, but not that many, actually. In less than 45 minutes I generated 255.75 as you can see in the following images.

Total sales in the first 45 minutes
First sale, 43 minutes ago

During the day some sales kept coming in, making a total of 389.23 euros in the 24 hours that the story lasted.

Lessons learned

I think this is an exceptional case. Previously I had tried to sell something to my followers with very different results. In this case I think that the content, price and speed in buying and receiving the product immediately has made the results so good.

Another fundamental factor has been to know my audience. All my fans are interested in the sport and with time and experience I have seen that by far what they are most looking for are abs and fat loss. In addition, it has been a good idea to approach the product from the point of view of "a normal person".

There are many fitness accounts selling products from their point of view of a professional who focuses all his life on getting a certain physical aspect, in my case, I am a normal worker who likes sports, no more.

Discussion (2)

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Tim Ryan

Couple of questions. How big was your IG account when you launched the product. What method did you use to promote/sell the product? Was it just a standard post, paid ads, or a combination? Basically, I'm interested in the post reach and conversion %.

Also, is it a personal IG account or a business / repost account that you have created for the purposes of experiments and income like this?

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Víctor Falcón Author

My Instagram account have about 40k followers. It's a personal account about fitness that I have been working on for several years.

About the promotion I just published some stories talking about the product. 😄