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Building a WTF util from 0 to hero

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Episode 1 - Why the fuck (INTRO)

Not so long ago I discovered wtfutil an amazing developer oriented tool to monitor, check and browse a lot of stuff, it operates with modules and there is a module that I always find very useful called news.

This modules allows you to see a list of the latest HackerNews articles and if you decide it is interesting enough, you can click on it and it will open the related article on your default browser, which for me is amazing because anyway I'm checking the website every day.

It is basically this daily routine what got me thinking, which other websites I'm checking often to be up to date with news around the tech world, here is where I had an Eureka moment and though well if this thing is not out yet, lets create it.

The approach

First of all I love to share the few things I know, even if its not the best way of doing it I'll share it, and then when someone says hey this can be also done this way, I learn something new, and this is a golden cycle you should try, so for me this will be like a tutorial series on how to approach this from the initial project directory, till having the tool ready to be used by the wtfutil users.

So stay tuned.

Cheers 🍺


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The personal information dashboard for your terminal


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WTF (aka 'wtfutil') is the personal information dashboard for your terminal, providing at-a-glance access to your very important but infrequently-needed stats and data.

Used by thousands of developers and tech people around the world, WTF is free and open-source. To support the continued use and development of WTF, please consider sponsoring WTF via GitHub Sponsors.

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Installing via Homebrew

The simplest way from Homebrew:

brew install wtfutil

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That version can sometimes lag a…

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A go client for the API


A go client for the API

License: MIT

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  • Base client and configuration
  • Articles resource
  • CLI utility
  • Authentication resource
  • Extend the tests suite
  • Provide code examples


This library is not an official API library, but a friendly contribution to the community

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