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Open GitExtensions from Visual Studio

If you haven't used GitExtensions as your Git GUI, I highly recommend it. Unlike other Git GUIs, it does not attempt to hold your hand. It is feature rich, under very active development.

I try and automate or script everything I can. Something I find myself doing a lot is opening a solution using a shortcut, and then having to open a CLI or explorer and having to navigate to my solution dir and open GitExtensions.

I recently learned about "External Tools" in Visual Studio.

It is as simple as it sounds:

You can call external tools from inside Visual Studio by using the Tools menu. A few default tools are available from the Tools menu, and you can customize the menu by adding other executables of your own.

For GitExtensions, open "Tools" -> "External Tools..." and then enter the following info in the dialog:

External Tools Dialog - Visual Studio

And when youre done, click the Tools menu, and you should see this:

Tools Menu - Visual Studio

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Victorio Berra

If you find me from Google, use this for VS2022

A lot more options.