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A naive approach to finding corners on an image

Naive Corners

A naive algorithm to find corners on a image.



When I was still studying the basics of digital image processing I came up with this "algorithm" to detect corners on a image.

How it works

Well, as the name suggests, this is a very naive approach.

Given any image we will look at it a window of 3 by 3 at a time. (We could resize the image to speed up the process, but who's in a hurry?)

3x3 window.


We will then just count how many colored pixels we have at that window. If there's 4 colored pixels, it must be a corner.



Rotated corner.

rotated corner

Anything else, is not a corner.

Not a corner.


Not a corner either.


See it working

Run by calling

python img/mess.png

I also used this algorithm to process corners on a real time webcam video.

A python implementation of this algorithm is hosted here

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