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Make Life Easy - A set of tools made in React

What is this post about ?

Hello fellow humanoids. This post is regarding a new project that I took up to collate few tools that can make our life a bit easier. This post will cover the set of tools available till date and the resources used to make it.
Make Life Easy


  • URL Shortner
  • Fake User
  • QR code generator
  • Crypto Sentiment Analysis
  • Color Scheme Generator
  • Now (A collation of video resources in Spirituality)

Lets go deep dive into each one and explore how it was implemented.

URL Shortner

Well this should be self evident once you read the header. As the name suggests this tool will be used to minimize/shorten your URL.

  • Why would you use this ? Generally when the URL you want to share with someone is too long and you would want to shorten it for better management.
  • API used : URL Day URl Shortner

Fake User

This tool has an interesting use case in the world we live in right now. Internet is just too bloated these days and would be that way for the foreseeable future. Anyone today can easily cook up services and host them on Internet. What these services end up doing is gather your data and make it work against you. Ask the tech giants what they know about you, if you haven't yet then a big surprise is waiting for you.

  • Why use this tool ? This tool provides you basic details for a random user which you can use for snooping around on the websites that seem sketchy enough to share your personal information on.
  • API used : Fake User Fake User

QR Code generator

This tool is useful to generate QR code for the data provided.
It can be an email, mobile number, website, ..etc.

  • Why use this tool ?
    QR code is a very easy way to share information which can help you manage your services very easily.

  • API used : QR code
    Qr code

Crypto Sentimental Analysis

This tool aims to provide you with deeper insights on the crypto in consideration. It was implemented using Fuzzy Logic. The Rule Book used has been with a mixture of prominent financial rules. This tool can be enhanced in future with integration of Q-Learning for self learning Rule Book for sophisticated results. The parameters used in the Rules are Sentiment Value and Price Trend average

  • Why use this tool ? Crypto market is very new and enticing to get into. But one thing we always miss is the volatility of this market. This tool aims you to provides a deeper insights on the crypto in consideration

Fuzzy Rule Book

Color Scheme Generator

This tool aims to provide different color schemes for a selected color.

  • Why use this tool ? Designing something ? Need the color combination right for your next project ? This tool might help.

Now (Spirituality)

Before you roll over your eyes, take a moment to acknowledge that this current moment is a brand new one that you haven't ever experienced before in your life. Btw who are you ?

  • Why use this ? A tool to find peace within the chaos of thoughts, emotions and distractions


This was started as a learning project and I mean to keep it that way. This may have been useful to you. If you liked or disliked let me know your feedback on how I can improve. Also do suggest some tools that might be helpful to someone some day. Thanks for reading this post.
Stay safe and lend a hand to another :)

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