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How to Master Basics in Git GitHub

What is git and GitHub

Git is open source and free distributed version control system. It can Handle small to complex project very efficiently and speedy

Git is easy to learn and you can checkout how to install in windows. In mac git comes with pre installation.

What is purpose of it and what problem it solves

In Software Industries individual and group of peoples are working on the single codebase for perticuler project. It makes important for developer to be aware of new changes made by rest of the team over the time in an easy to understand and hassle-free manner. where github comes into picture

github is online container of your code files which contain all your with all changelogs

Version Control System (VCS)

Git is popular for its version control system. It’s too robust yet simple to track all changes in single code base files with well formatted document.

Single codebase

GitHub allow multiple developers to work on the single codebase with variety of options with ease.

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Take look how GitHub works

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How to create Repo in github

  1. First you need to login into your git account using id password or using any third party login using google,apple

  2. click on the new
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  3. Fill you necessary info and click on create respository.
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  4. List of command should we need to know before starting git

echo "# git-commands" >>
git init
git add . || git add filename
git commit -m "commit message"
git branch -M main | master
git remote add origin "github_repo_url"
git push -u origin main | master
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Phew.. that was a lot
Let's Catch up in part 2

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