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Why Software Testing is a good career option?

vikastwittes profile image Vikas Arora ・5 min read

Software testing is no more the last thing that you do while preparing software. Inefficient testing has proven to cause some of the biggest disasters in the history of mankind. This is why companies are hiring efficient testers for its products and software. Today we will see how Software Testing can be an excellent career choice for you and for that we have divided the post into the following sections-

Software Career Option

*What is Software Testing? *

Software Testing is a procedure of confirming a PC framework/program to choose whether it meets the predefined necessities and produces the expected outcomes. Therefore, you identify bugs in the programming of the software.
Software testing is must provide a quality item with no bugs or issue.

Qualities required to become a software tester

Non-Technical Skills: Following are the fundamental skills to become an accomplished software tester.

Non-Technical Skills

Analytical skills: A good software tester ought to have sharp logical aptitudes. Analytical skills will enable him to break down the complex software code to gain a better understanding and create test cases.

Communication skills: A good software tester must possess good verbal and writing communication skills. Testing artifacts (such as test cases/plans, test strategies, bug reports, etc.) made by the software tester must be easy to read and grasp. Managing developers (in case of bugs or some other issue) will require a shade of prudence and discretion.

Time Management and Organization Skills: Many a time, testing could become a demanding job particularly during the release of program code. A software tester should effectively manage the burden, have high productivity, display optimal time management and organization skills.

Positive Attitude: To be an accomplished software tester you should have a positive frame of mind. An attitude to 'test to break', detail orientation, eagerness to learn and propose process enhancements. In the software industry, technology advances at a massive pace, and a good software tester must upgrade their technical skills with the evolving technologies.

Passion: To shine in any profession, one must have a noteworthy level of the passion for it. A software tester must be passionate and possess a high threshold for patience.

Technical skills

Fundamentals of Database/SQL: Software Systems have huge data in the background. This data is stored in various kinds of databases like Oracle, MySQL, and so on in the background. There will be circumstances when this data needs to be validated. If you are familiar with simple/complex SQL queries, you can easily check the data stored in the backend database.

Fundamentals of Linux: Presently, several software applications like Web-Services, Databases, Application Servers are developed on Linux machines. So, you must have proper exposure to Linux commands.

Experience and understanding of a Test Management Tool: Test Management is a critical part of Software testing. Without appropriate test management techniques, your software testing process will fail eventually. In simple words, test management is just about how you manage your testing related artifacts.

Experience and understanding of any Defect Tracking Tool: Defect Tracking and Defect life cycle are key parts of software testing. It is very important to manage the defects legitimately and track them in an efficient way. Defect tracking is required because the whole team should get the idea about the defects/bugs including managers, developer, and the software testers. There are several tools available for defect tracking such as QC, Bugzilla, Jira etc.

Experience and understanding of Automation Tool: Due to cut-throat competition in the market, every organization wants to become efficient which can be achieved with the help of automation. Thus, there is a huge demand for those people who have hands-on experience on automation tools. If you aim at becoming an "Automation tester” after two or three years working at manual testing, then you must learn an automation tool. Knowledge of any scripting language such as Visual Basic Script, JavaScript, C++, Shell/Perl always comes in handy if you are looking for a career in automation.

Typical Roles in Software Testing

Following are the typical roles that a software tester can pursue today or in future:

Career Options in Testing Services

Software QA Testing experts can look over different vocation ways—specialized, draftsman, counseling, venture the board—to push ahead in their professions. The SMAC (Social media, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud) world today has made QA considerably progressively vital. The expense of disappointment in the advanced present reality is exceptionally high, especially when one incorporates the reputational harms, which have made powerful QA forms fundamentally.

The light-footed and DevOps world has not killed the requirement for testing; rather, such testing is done in runs, with expanded dashes driving the requirement for all the more testing and mechanization. The testing calling has kept on adjusting to the quickly changing requirements of dynamic business and the different advancement procedures utilized.Professionals in testing administrations can advance their vocations by doing the accompanying:

  • Cultivating learning in the various arrangement of testing arrangements, forms, apparatuses, strategies, designs, and teaches
  • Applying industry skill and space explicit learning.
  • Navigating any of the four crests by getting expansiveness and profundity in center capacities
  • Enhancing commitment encounters, undertaking preparing and coaching so as to advance to the executive level.

The Importance of Industry and Domain, ab/testing, Technology and Tools, and Process Skills in Testing Careers

Testing professions can use area and logical abilities, process, specialized learning, innovation and instrument aptitudes, correspondence, and delicate abilities. Most importantly, demeanor, adaptability, and learnability are probably the most wanted aptitudes for test experts. The figure beneath shows plenty of industry and spaces and innovation aptitudes one can browse so as to have some expertise in their testing profession path at providers, like Capgemini.

capgemini example

10 Practical Reasons why Software Testing/QA is a Good Career Option

  1. S/W Testing is in Demand
  2. Testers get Good Pay
  3. Relatively easy to enter into IT through S/W Testing
  4. Switch from Development to Testing is Easy
  5. Testing tools are easy to learn
  6. Kind of 9 to 6 job
  7. Good Onsite Opportunities
  8. Can work as Freelancer
  9. Relatively easy to come back after the career gap
  10. Career Shift from Testing to BA is easy


In the event that you take up testing, your vocation way is unquestionably not an unchangeable reality and there's not only one approach to develop. A few people will move more rapidly through the phases than others. To propel, one ought to escape with making a point to persistently enhance one's abilities, developing as an individual, and investigating one's own potential.

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