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Dealing in absolutes ?

Are you dealing in absolutes ?

Throughout life this question can help you understand, where you fall on the faith scale. On one end is blind faith, and the other is complete skepticism.

"Change is the only constant in the world."

This question of absolutes applies specifically to the people in our life :

  • People that we communicate with on a daily basis
  • People that we follow
  • People we don't particularly like

If you are following a leader's instructions, have you made them an absolute authority, who has no flaws ? This is dangerous for the other person, as they won't be exposed to the possible flaws in their thinking in time. This does not mean that we challenge authority everywhere we go...

We should however, be critical of the ideas and concepts that leaders use, to decided what to do next. Never will an idea, be absolutely sacred, it will need improvements, always.

Similarly, there are people, who we feel won't be capable of changing for good. This is again an absolute assigned to that person.

The best way to deal with absolutes in our life, is to keep challenging them, with a very positive intension to 'improve' the ideas, people and organisations that we touch.

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