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My Process Of Dev-DigitalOcean Hackathon

What am i making

I am creating A Progressive Web Apps with React, Dev Api and DigitalOcean App Plateform

My Process

You can see My Process on github

12 Dec

I See This Post of @Devteam announcing the digitalocean app platform hackathon And I think about participate but my exam is in process so i had limited time for this hackathon till 14 Dec(Last Exam Date)

13 Dec

I Started Planning How Can I start and Which dev Tool i have to use, Than I decided to use React And Chart.js And i Read Docs of Dev Api And Docs Of DigitalOcean Related to app Platform

14 Dec

I started Development, First I Initialized project using Create React App than Start playing with Dev Api, Than Chart.js And Search function added to project
And Deployed to app Platform.

15 Dec

Added Some Design and Shifted to Dark Mode

16 Dec

pagination added to Article list And Do deploy button added to Readme

17 Dec

Some User Card added to Home Page and improved style

18 Dec

tooltip and Share button added
Pwa Added

19 Dec

Write this Post and Publishing this Pwa App to App Store

My lighthouse Report
Alt Text

GitHub logo vimal-verma / devto

A app that Show DEVTO user or orgination information

Dev Finder

A app that Show DEVTO user or orgination information

How Deploy✏️

Deploy to DO

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