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Just do it

Maybe you read this title article and think "why is he using Nike slogan?", I'm using this slogan to explain and to emphasize something that people ignore, you should take this slogan more seriously.

Stop waiting or taking a very long way to do something, just do it.

This post is not about you buy something, spend money, swear at everyone, does radical things, or anything like that. But about your delay to something useful, and above all take initiative, go straight.

  • Don't ask to ask, just ask
  • Don't ask to innovate, just innovate and show it
  • Don't ask what code, just code something you like
  • Don't wait for someone to ask you the obvious, just do it before
  • Don't wait for someone's answer, just find the answer yourself
  • Don't wait for a hard issue, just create a hard issue
  • Don't wait a fire idea to write, just write something you like
  • Just answer your own doubt and take action

Don't depend on others, if you want to reach a goal, just follow the way.

Why just do it?

"Just do it" makes you more independent, adds more value to you, you learn to learn and take initiative, not depends on others.

You start to increase yourself productivity and people's vision of you'll improve, you lead yourself.

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