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Top 7 Real Life Use Cases Of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has implemented the developments taking place for many industries but it has majorly impacted the banking and insurance sectors. Here are some stats that put the light on the same:

Blockchain is reducing 35% of banks’ infrastructure costs.
As per predictions, financial companies can save up to $14 billion a year through blockchain.

However, blockchain is getting utilized for other domains with its architecture supporting decentralization, transparency, immutability, and automation.

Listing out some of the well-utilized concepts for development under Blockchain:

1. Supply Chain Management

Blockchain brings its different architectural advancements for developing an optimal Supply chain management architecture. Blockchain helps in rectifying the issues faced in supply chain management like the transparency of product information, product authenticity.

Blockchain technology helps in eliminating these issues as it brings its technological implementations based on a decentralized ledger. Blockchain efficiently tracks important product details as well as verifies the authenticity of purchased goods through a blockchain-enabled supply chain.

2. Digital Identity

Blockchain helps in the segmentation of digital identity management. With its decentralized nature, it removes the chance of a centralized authorization that leads to breach or threat of data theft.

So with no direct individual entity, blockchain makes it possible to facilitate the digital identity as an online record of information that is secure and reliable.

Blockchain technology gets users to have full control over their data. Allowing the user to store their digital identity data in an encrypted form with a private key for access to others.

3. Voting

One more innovative implementation of Blockchain is the development of a voting structure. It eliminates the issues related to fraud voting at booths.

With blockchain, you can develop a system that gives access to each entity thus if the user that has already voted comes again to vote it gets caught.

It highlights the feature of secure database networking under blockchain technology.

4. Healthcare

Healthcare is a domain where the implementations of blockchain have a very deep impact in transforming the way healthcare utilizes its services.

Blockchain is proving to be a reliable and secure database to ease the problems faced in the healthcare industry.

Blockchain is helping in developing the tracking and tagging functionalities for healthcare-based supply chain movement. Providing authenticity of the drugs’ to patients with the help of the data stored in the blockchain.
Meanwhile, you can check out Live Tracking Apps coverage to see the blockchain development taking place under Healthcare.

5. Energy Market

Blockchain technology is also providing changes with its decentralized architecture for the electricity domain which is controlled by large corporations.

Blockchain technology has enabled the development of smart meters that are functional with recorded, traded, and settled on a ledger.

It will help in providing better regulation on the supply of electricity with lowering the fraud usage and also improve efficiency and reduce cost

6. Real Estate

Blockchain technology has been having its implementations under real estate too where it is developing the latest solutions to revolutionize the industry.

Under Blockchain a decentralized database enables better decision-making, interaction with the transaction history in a secure manner.

Smart contracts help streamline various processes and help to cut out the additional costs, property taxes, registration, and loan fees.

7. Food Safety

The latest food delivery startups or enterprises are focusing on enhancing their services with Blockchain technology. As it helps in managing the data as the records with more feasibility and no fear of in-between transactional losses.

Blockchain also helps in maintaining the data cycle where the constant update with real-time changes updated at the service provider is accessed by the consumer.

Due to the invention of blockchain technology, it is now easy to record and maintain the data digitally.

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