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How can you access AWS S3 objects with lower latency.

We can provide lower latency in AWS with the help of cross-region replication because it uses to replicate the same object to all regions so the end-user can access the object by nearest region.

What is cross-region replication

Amazon S3 supports cross-region replication that automatically replicates data across AWS regions with cross region replication, every object uploaded to an S3 bucket is automatically replicated to a different bucket on a different AWS region that you choose.

For E.g. you can use cross-region replication to provide lower latency data access in a different geographic region.

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In the diagram, you can see that the user uploads an object to a specific region (Ohio) but the same object will replicate in all-region(London, Mumbai, Paris) which is decided by the user.

When we upload the file from the source region (Ohio) it will replicate to the destination region (London, Mumbai, Paris) bucket but when we upload an object from the destination region it does not replicate to the source region bucket.

It reduces latency like data is stored in the US(Ohio) and one person lives in London to access that data the request will go to the Ohio region but if we replicate the same object in the London region as well then it will take less time to access the object.

Cross-region replication can help if you have a compliance requirement to store copies of data hundreds of miles apart.

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