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Shipping Tracking Software

Image descriptionSummary of Shipping Tracking Software
There are many ways to track your shipments. You can use the carrier tracking number, the customer's order number, or even an account number. But what if you're not sure where that information is? What if you're unsure which method to use? And what if your shipment doesn't have any of these identifiers attached to it? Enter shipping software! Shipping software offers a variety of features designed specifically for businesses to get information on the location and status of their shipments and allow them to reduce any exceptions in the process. In this blog, we explore the best shipping software available for tracking orders.

List of Top Shipping Tracking Software for eCommerce

ClickPost is a leading shipping software that provides integrated tracking solutions for businesses. The software is pre-integrated with over 200 carriers and provides multi-carrier management as well as recommendation services. It provides real-time serviceability information, an integrated tracking portal for all orders, milestone-specific notification delivery as well as multiple channel communication to improve visibility and customer experience. The software also enables the creation of branded tracking pages to leverage additional marketing and sales opportunities.

Narvar is a shipping software that is integrated with 300+ shipping companies and over 50 order management systems. It caters to over 125 million customers annually and is one of the most popular shipment tracking solutions in the market. Narvar allows companies to provide estimated delivery dates, tracking information, and a branded tracking page for tracking the order. It helps companies send bespoke notifications based on the status of orders and allows users to create custom returns pages for managing reverse logistics.

3) AfterShip
AfterShip is a shipment tracking and management software. It is integrated with more than 800 shipping and logistics companies from around the world. The software is capable of managing multiple carriers through a unified platform and helps improve the visibility of orders through branded tracking pages, shipping notifications, estimated delivery date predictions, and logistics analytics. The software can also be used to manage order returns and refunds, generate shipping labels, shop for rates, and more.

ShipStation is a shipping automation solution that is integrated with more than 84 carriers and 34 online selling channels. It provides various order management, automation, and tracking capabilities to companies. The software can be used to manage orders across multiple channels, generate and print shipping labels, generate batch orders, and more. The software provides tracking capabilities to companies and sends tracking information to different selling channels.

ParcelPerform is a dedicated tracking solution that is integrated with 600 carriers globally. It provides tracking information and performance analytics of the logistics operations of a company. The software can track orders, helps create branded pages for tracking, and enables additional marketing opportunities. The software is also used to get alerts and predictive analytics including information such as the estimated delivery date and more.

Convey is a software for managing the delivery operations of a company. The software enhances last-mile delivery operations and allows companies to track orders. It provides analytics and data on logistics performance to help improve the efficiency of operations and provides important information such as the estimated delivery date to improve the quality of service. The software can be used to track orders and create branded tracking pages as well as customized communication and notifications for an improved post-purchase customer experience.

How to Choose the Best Shipping Tracking Software?

Keep the following things in mind when choosing shipping tracking software.

1) The cost of the software solution.
2) The capabilities and serviceability of the software.
3) The types of services offered by the software.
4) The quality of customer support.
5) The ability to create branded tracking pages.

Final thoughts
When you’re shipping products to your customers, it can be difficult to keep track of which orders have been shipped and which are still pending. But by using a good tracking software platform, you will always know where your shipments stand in the process so that you can offer exceptional customer service. Do your research and choose the right shipping tracking software for your business today.

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