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Top Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Image descriptionSummary of Multi-Carrier Shipping Software
As the size of a company grows and the number of orders received increases, the need for more partners arises. However, with an increase in the number of partners, it becomes necessary to avail of a solution that is capable of managing multiple partners through a single platform. This is where multi-carrier shipping software comes into the picture. Multi-carrier shipping software allows companies to manage orders, shipments, tracking requests, returns, and more across multiple shipping companies through a single dashboard. In this article, we discuss the top multi carrier shipping software that you can use for your company.

List of Top Multi-Carrier Shipping Software for eCommerce

ClickPost is a leading multi-carrier shipping software that is integrated with more than 200 carriers. The platform allows companies to go live with a carrier in a single business day. It offers several services including carrier recommendations, label generation, real-time serviceability information, order tracking, and more. The platform can be used to create branded tracking pages, send milestone notifications to customers, and provide omni channel communication capabilities. The platform also helps reduce RTOs through its state-of-the-art NDR management platform. Further, it provides returns management solutions and COD reconciliation services.

Narvar is a shipping software for eCommerce companies. It allows users to manage shipments across multiple carriers and is integrated with more than 300 shipping and logistics companies. The platform can be used to predict delivery dates, create shipments, generate shipping labels, and track orders. With Narvar, users can create branded tracking and return pages for an enhanced post-purchase customer experience. It also allows companies to set refund rules and manage refund status. Further, the platform can be used to send custom notifications and communication to customers across different channels.

EasyPost is another multi-carrier management software. It is connected with 100+ shipping companies and provides its services to eCommerce companies, allowing them to reach over 220 countries. The platform enables the creation and management of shipments, the discovery of shipping rates, the generation of branded shipping labels, and more. It provides a host of value-added services including address verification and insurance coverage.

ShipStation is an automation software for managing carriers. The platform offers integrations with over 84 shipping and logistics companies as well as 34 marketplaces and digital storefronts. The software allows companies to manage their orders as well as inventory, providing information on stock levels, shortages, and more. The platform allows companies to generate shipping labels, discover best rates and generate batch orders for multiple items. It can also be used to create improved post-purchase experiences through custom labels, branded tracking and returns pages, branded communication, and more.

5) ParcelPerform
ParcelPerform is shipping software used for tracking orders and generating performance analytics. It is integrated with over 600 shipping companies from around the world. The software provides tracking information, analytics on logistics information, alerts, and predictions based on data. Companies can use the software to create branded tracking pages and leverage additional marketing opportunities.

Convey is a delivery management solution for eCommerce companies to improve the last-mile delivery experience. It is used to improve logistics efficiency through predictive analytics and insights, provide delivery date predictions to customers on the checkout page, and more. The platform is also capable of tracking orders and companies can create branded tracking pages through the software, custom notifications as well as customized communication across multiple channels.

How to Choose the Best Multi-Carrier Shipping Software?
Here are the things to bear in mind when choosing a multi-carrier shipping software.

1) The price of the multi-carrier shipping management software.
2) The quality of service provided by the customer support staff.
3) The coverage area and serviceability of the software.
4) The number and types of services provided by the software.
5) If the software is capable of managing reverse logistics and order returns.

Final conclusion
If you want to have a competitive edge in your industry, then choosing multi-carrier shipping software is a must. Shipping has become one of the most challenging aspects for online retailers and with all their competition it’s not getting any easier. The right software can help streamline this process. However, there are many options that will work better than others depending on what size your company is or how much volume you ship each day. Do your research and choose the right multi-carrier shipping software today.

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