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Laptop Buying Guide: No one will tell you these tips

Which is the best laptop I should buy? Everyone has this doubt! So my today's post will end all your doubts. And you will never ever ask this question. In fact, after reading my post, you can guide your friends on how to buy the best laptop.

Here I will be writing in points and small paras.

Primarily Intel and AMD build laptop processors.

Intel processors are commonly used by the people. But they cost a lot. Like some i5 intel processor laptop will be around rs50000 in India. Intel used to be a leading processor making company before the arrival of cheap and good quality processors by AMD.

At this time ADM provides better value for money. Even Better than intel also.

ALERT: Currently, i10 is the latest intel generation.

ALERT: Compare generations and then buy a laptop. Like the latest i5 can be better than a 10-year-old i7. It doesn't mean that i7 is always better than i5, i3, or i9 is always better than i7, i5 etc.

CPU- It is used for processing. So more core and more threads are always better. Always consider buying the latest CPU while buying a new laptop.

RAM- Always buy a DDR4 RAM. Prefer RAM which has a Speed around 2400-3200MHz. Also, prefer laptops that have an extra slot for RAM(at least 4 GB RAM). Like you have a laptop with 4 GB of RAM and a slot for 8 GB RAM. This makes the total RAM 12GB.

STORAGE- Do not buy a Hard disk (HDD) storage laptop. They are very slow. Rather than that always prefer buying SSD storage laptops. They are damn fast as they do not have any moving parts. They also have a long life than HDD. So choose SSD over HDD.

If not SSD, then buy a laptop that has a M.2 slot.

You can put your SSD of up to 120GB (3000rs) if you have a M.2 storage slot in your laptop.

GRAPHIC CARD- A good graphic card is only needed when you are doing video editing, gaming, or any kind of graphic work like VFX or animation.

On this note, some will say that they need a good graphic card to do machine learning but as this is the era of cloud computing. You must take benefit of digital ocean, AWS, Google cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, Google colab, and a ton more.

BRAND- Choose the laptop brand that has a service center nearby.

EXTENDED WARRANTY- Like you can extend your laptop warranty time by giving 5000-9000rs. And believe me, this helps you in the long run. You can change the keyboard, screen, motherboard and even your complete laptop.

METALLIC BODY- Always prefer metallic body over plastic. As the plastic body gets damages later.

REFURBISHED LAPTOPS- These laptops are the ones used by someone else. So even if you get a cheap Refurbished laptop, that laptop can turn your value for money to Rs 0. So avoid buying refurbished laptops.

ALERT: Explore the local shops!

If not then, prefer buying in Amazon, Flipkart festival offers like Big billion days, Diwali deals. You can save up to 5-10 thousand.

Still you have any doubt! Comment out!

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