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[Entry] Chip In App (Simulator)

What I built

I built an app that simulates a donation system. How? - First, the user sets up a goal (e.g., buy a house, buy a car, travel to Las Vegas, etc.) and then publishes it so others can contribute with some money quantity (either because they are friends or because they want to help).

PS: There aren't real money transactions.

Demo Link

The app is being hosted by now at

Link to Code

The code is being hosted by github.

How I built it


  • Vue
  • Pusher

The front-end is built using Vue. I chose it because I thought the contest was a good reason to learn new things like Vue and Pusher. Moreover, both Vue and Pusher are quite simple to work with.


  • Express
  • Passport
  • Pusher

The back-end is built using Express as the framework and Passport to control the auth system.
I'm using Express for handling the requests from the client like "create a goal" and "contribute to goal" and then sync the data using Pusher.


  • MongoDB

The app uses MongoDB as the database because it’s easy to work with Mongo and it doesn’t require complex configurations.


Thank you for giving me that opportunity, I think I learned a lot with this contest and I can say that I'm a better person and a better developer now.
And that's it.


PS: Don't forget to vote clicking on ❤️ and/or 🦄.

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