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Developer advocacy and consulting or what I actually do on a daily basis

Hi there, recently I am being asked lots of question regarding what do I do on a daily basis. I travel a lot and speak at lots of conferences, so some people usually ask me if I actually code or just teach. So in this blog post, I will try to answer this question and what I actually do on a daily basis.

Developer Advocate @Hasura.

I work as Developer Advocate @Hasura and my day to day tasks include recording courses, teaching, going to conferences, doing workshops, working on cool demos, dev tools and so on. I absolutely love what I do and in fact, I've been doing this in my spare time even before being Developer Advocate. Now it's just a part of my job. I am fairly new to the Developer relations realm so I am still learning how to share the best content and collect the most valuable feedback that will benefit both the community. So if you follow me on twitter @VladimirNovick and have a suggestion of what tutorial/bootcamp/workshop or cool demo you want to see next or just have general feedback on what I do, don't hesitate to DM me and I will gladly hear you out.

Consultant in Web, Mobile, AR, VR, IoT fields

Some people ask me - "what about production code, complex apps, brainstorms and so on? What about solving complex problems beyond POCs and demos?". So what about all that? Did I change my specialization from being an Independent consultant for more than a decade on so many fields to Developer Advocate to abandon all of those and not to be involved in real-world problems and projects?

Well, the answer is no. I can never abandon the necessity to write code. I was into computers since I've been 7 years old and I simply cannot do that. Moreover, I never abandoned being a consultant and while I do work as Developer Advocate I usually find time for clients to consult on different projects in Web, Mobile, AR, VR and IoT fields. In fact, being Developer Advocate at Hasura helps a lot with these projects too cause now I can suggest a really good GraphQL and Serverless solutions to my clients making development faster.

So what's the purpose of this blog post?

Well, first of all, to explain that I never abandoned writing production code, after all, this is one of my basic needs 😉. Second to people wondering if they can reach out and book me for consulting, development, etc, sure, you can always drop me a line on twitter DMs @VladimirNovick and I will gladly hear you out and we might figure out how I can help you with your project. And if you don't favor twitter DMs and you want to learn more about myself, you can check my website with a bunch of social network profiles.

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