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Multiple Github accounts conveniently

I use several github accounts, and wanted a way to use them without constantly tweaking remote urls and stuff for each repo.

The good news is at some point, it seems git started to traverse directories upwards, looking for .gitconfig files. So it makes it easy to setup several directories, each of which uses different credentials automatically.

So, for my voboda account on github:

mkdir ~/repos/voboda
cd ~/repos/voboda
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And there I added a .gitconfig file containing:

    sshCommand = ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa_voboda
    name = Voboda
    email =
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Now, anything I need to work on in my voboda account, I just clone that under the ~/repos/voboda directory. For example ~/repos/voboda/onelineforyourmind and ~/repos/voboda/underlinery. Both will use the above user information automatically. That specific ssh command references the ssh key I setup for my voboda github account.

Sidenote: separate ssh keys

On Linux, I setup that ssh key using ssh-keygen -f id_rsa_voboda and then copying the 2 outputted keyfiles to my ~.ssh directory.

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