On Job Interviews

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Just imagine what would they ask a published novelist, if they wanted to hire one:

  • do you know what a comma is?
  • please, tell me something about words.
  • how do you write a word using letters? you know about letters, do you?
  • could you please write a question? just any question.

And after he politely pointed out that he obviously knows all of that stuff and much more, they switch to "advanced" questions:

  • have you ever heard of an "oxford comma"? (in a very suspicious voice)


That's my very recent experience with one very large international investment bank. Almost literally.

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Sadly, that's how many of the large companies think it should be done. Not even kiddin', I was really puzzled the last time that happened.

Luckily, even tho it's a weird experience, you now know where not to apply next. Hope you'll find the perfect fit!


I have a list of where never to apply. :)

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